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OG Alcoholic Lemonade

BEE Naturally Brewed Alcoholic Soda. 

Our OG Alcoholic Lemonade is a bee-licious mingle of crisp citrus and smooth sweetness for an old-fashioned style lemonade, bringing you that nostalgic lemonade vibe.  Just like your nan used to make it, but boozey. 

At a breezy 5.0% ABV, this sipper is perfect for lazy afternoons. Enjoy it straight up, over ice, or with a posh lemon wedge if you're feeling extra fancy. 🍋

BEE’s Original Alcoholic Lemonade packs a punch with full-bodied flavour, a fruity middle, and a refreshing finish that’ll leave you buzzing for more.

And here’s the bee’s knees: No Added Gluten!

Available in 1.25L Riggers, or 6 Pack of cans.

BEE refreshed, BEE naturally brewed!


Pink Alcoholic Lemonade

BEE Naturally Brewed Alcoholic Soda.

Introducing: Pink Alcoholic Lemonade. Whether you're vibing with the barbie-core trend, feeling a wave of nostalgia, or just appreciating a stroke of pure genius, this lemonade is your new go-to. Imagine our classic OG Alcoholic Lemonade, now swirled with a bee-lightful burst of your favourite berries. It’s a flavour explosion that’s both crisp and deliciously bold.

With a classic 5.0% ABV, this pink delight is your perfect companion as the sun sets and the evening unfolds. Enjoy it solo for a fruity punch, or get creative and mix it into a cocktail or two. Need inspiration? Check out our Instagram for some bee-rilliant cocktail ideas!

And here’s the cherry (or should we say, berry) on top: No Added Gluten!

BEE refreshed, BEE naturally brewed!


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